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EmpowR with Rae Carter: Raising the Impact of Our Voices for Change
Are you shifting to a more empowered, inclusive, accessible, and relationship-based culture while letting go of inequitable systems and patriarchal norms?
EmpowR with Rae Carter: Raising the Impact of Our Voices for Change
Are you seeking to share heart-centered, meaningful, and impactful stories with respect and dignity towards multiple perspectives?
EmpowR with Rae Carter: Raising the Impact of Our Voices for Change
Are you encouraging action to influence and shape our rapidly changing society, culture, and systems to support more equitable distribution of wealth and power?

Sustainable organizational culture and effective, compassionate communication are interwoven in inextricable ways, and never before has their interdependence been more apparent than with the unraveling effects of COVID 19 and the unveiling truth about white supremacy culture. EmpowR offers a facilitative approach to help organizations integrate communication with culture and explore new ways to align strategic planning with responses to change.

This approach encourages a heart-centered and holistic lens on change management and root cause analysis that is inclusive of internal and external voices, behaviors, and perspectives. Communication strategy and public education planning can then be developed or altered collaboratively with employees, stakeholders, and audience to authentically align culture, value, mission, and purpose.

Rae approaches discussions and decisions with a perspective that is thoughtful and that considers new outlooks in addition to the one that is presented.

~ Jane Campbell, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility

EmpowR communication and facilitation services support integration and alignment for nonprofit organizations, holistic health industry trade associations, educational or health care institutions, and socially responsible or mission-driven businesses with a proven commitment to use profits to equitably benefit employees, serve the community, and protect and regenerate the planet.

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