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EmpowR with Rae Carter: Raising the Impact of Our Voices for Change
Are you working in patient wellness and/or support advocacy efforts to make healthcare equitable and inclusive for all people?
EmpowR with Rae Carter: Raising the Impact of Our Voices for Change
Are you working on efforts to integrate conventional and holistic medical practices that are inclusive of food and herbal medicine?
EmpowR with Rae Carter: Raising the Impact of Our Voices for Change
Are you working to encourage individual and collective healing by addressing and treating root causes of environmental and societal dis-ease?

A compassionate and transparent healthcare system that is able to serve all members of society with respect, dignity, and equitable care and resources is the common goal of so many disparate voices in a fragmented system. EmpowR offers organizational culture and communication alignment expertise in convening multiple stakeholders to discover a collective voice to be included in larger, systematic healthcare conversations.

Rae’s personal experience navigating both conventional and holistic medicine to heal from cancer during a transformational journey of mind, body, and spirit ignited the creation of EmpowR just prior to and during the COVID 19 outbreak. Rae’s fusion of a personal background in herbalism and organic food; reclaimed Earth wisdom and spirituality; experience navigating a health crisis; and a career background in collective impact, facilitative leadership, human behavior, communication strategy, and content development is a powerful and solution-based voice to health and healing coalition building and change making.

Rae has knowledge and wisdom about how to make things happen. She understands what hides below the obvious and she knows how to lure the important details to the forefront. She does this with compassion and support and has a heart of gold at the core of her business sense as well as her daily living. Rae helps people do better by bringing her vast experiences in business, life and health to a unique spot for each project she takes on. She is an asset to any project that needs clear and unobstructed thought for outcomes. She is a breath of fresh air and an important guide in the complicated world of health care.

~ Lauren Parker, North Branch Cafe, former healthcare industry professional

EmpowR communication and facilitation services support the health care industry, holistic health associations, integrative medicine and healing therapy businesses, the herbalism community, food system and health collaborative initiatives, and health equity advocacy work. Rae also connects directly with people as a healing navigator, empowerment coach, writer, and public speaker.

To learn more, schedule a conversation to explore where there is common ground so you can determine how to include EmpowR services and/or Rae’s voice in a broader scope of work. The flow of conversation can determine the next steps.

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