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EmpowR with Rae Carter: Raising the Impact of Our Voices for Change
Are you looking for co-conspirators to support the healing, visioning, and connectivity of our shared humanity as we shift to a new paradigm?
EmpowR with Rae Carter: Raising the Impact of Our Voices for Change
Are you seeking partners to support cultural transformation and systemic change for equitable redistribution of power, wealth, opportunities, and resources?
EmpowR with Rae Carter: Raising the Impact of Our Voices for Change
Are you connecting with allies to bring our Earth into a balance of yin and yang energy, honoring both our individual wholeness and our collective consciousness?

Coalition building around culture change movements are at the heart of transforming our economic, educational, political, and societal systems to abolish racism and improve collective resilience to global pandemics and climate change while addressing their intersectionality. EmpowR emerged just before and during the initial outbreak of COVID 19 and was created out of a microcosm of suffering and transformation of mind, body, and spirit. Rae Carter’s purpose is to support the shared work of healing our collective trauma and deepening our levels of awareness to help foster systemic change to bring our people and planet into a relationship of reciprocity.

EmpowR approaches facilitation to address the communication challenges being revealed from a root cause analysis perspective that works with emergence and collective impact frameworks to transform culture – either within an organization or to upend and rebuild the broken systems that comprise white supremacy culture.

When I first moved to Vermont five years ago, I learned about #RootedinVermont, a grassroots movement designed to increase consumer demand for local food. I was immediately drawn to the campaign, and wanted to learn more about the individual behind it. That’s when I learned about the work of Rae Carter, who was responsible for rolling out the campaign and making it a success. Her dedication, passion, and commitment to anything that she puts her mind to is absolutely remarkable. I have also had the opportunity to connect with her personally via social media and have been touched and motivated by watching her incredible strength and grace while undergoing a journey to health and healing. Rae has vision, perseverance, talent, and the fortitude to accomplish anything she sets her heart and mind on. She would be an asset to any entity or individual that seeks a motivating spirit and guide to help them achieve a goal.

~ Amy Overstreet, Natural Resources Conservation Service/United States Department of Agriculture

Collective impact facilitation, social change campaign creation and delivery, an interconnected web of communication expertise, and heart-centered soul growth position Rae as a co-creator in social equity and ecological resilience coalitions all working towards one collective movement — to heal our humanity and restore balance on the Earth.

To learn more, schedule a conversation to discuss your scope of work and how/where Rae Carter’s intentions, knowledge, expertise, and skills may fit into the shared visions of healing and transformation. The conversation can help clarify what type of role Rae or other EmpowR collaborators might play in the work and what type of financial arrangement and/or proposal makes the most sense for the role.

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