Healing Navigation

Acceptance and love guide the path to healing.

We, as humans, are physical, emotional, and spiritual beings. Our bodies are beautiful gifts asking us for love and acceptance, just as we hope for the same from the people and world around us. The root causes of our health challenges are minimally addressed in conventional healthcare, treating symptoms rather than the source of dis-ease in an inequitable system that lacks accessibility and affordability for all people.

More and more people are recognizing the value to treating the whole body with a holistic approach that addresses mind, body, and spirit with integrative and naturopathic medicine, nutritional counseling, herbalism and plant medicine, energy medicine, massage and bodywork, yoga and movement, self care techniques, and other alternative healing modalities. While some of these services are covered by insurance, many are not, further deepening the inequities of the healthcare system. Many holistic practitioners make conscious commitments to be affordable and accessible. Low cost services do exist and other options can be developed through personal practice and autonomy over self care.

Healing Navigation Sessions intend to help empower people to self-direct a healing or recovery path that is inclusive of more integrative, holistic, and self care approaches. Sessions aim to focus on identifying what is accessible to your personal situation and lifestyle in addition to services received through the mainstream health care environment.

Rae Carter created EmpowR following her overwhelming and transformational experience navigating both conventional and holistic medicine to treat the root causes of breast cancer, adenomyosis, arthritis, nerve damage, digestive disorders, anxiety, depression, and career burnout. Faced with her own challenges of affordability and accessibility, Rae is committed to trying to ensure healing navigation sessions are affordable and accessible as well as volunteer and advocacy work to support health equity, holistic health integration and inclusion, and cancer prevention.

Rae helps people understand and organize their personal health care concerns and identify what steps they need to take to get their health needs met. Rae’s compassionate demeanor and intuitive wisdom offer a validating experience for people seeking support with their diagnosis.

~ Meredith P., Montpelier, VT

Healing Navigation Sessions are offered to people who are currently navigating a physical, emotional, and/or spiritual health challenge. If you are facing a new diagnosis, in a recovery stage, or trying to deal with multiple health issues at once, you may find benefits to one or several healing navigation sessions. Cancer and other long-term illness, chronic dis-ease, aftermath recovery from the trauma associated with COVID 19, career burnout, spiritual trauma, loss, abuse, addiction, and the anxieties and stress of the pressures of life amidst such drastic change are all conditions which can be supported by having an empathetic neutral party provide perspective on how you can empower your own path to healing.

Rae will offer guidance to help you connect with your intuition, prioritize where to focus your energy, and help you create a personalized pathway for healing to meet your needs and energy levels. Learn how to clarify your intentions, build your self care toolbox, advocate for your needs, and identify resources to build your support system.

Healing Navigation Sessions

Healing Navigation Sessions begin with a guided meditation and conclude with distance Reiki. Each session is one-hour and utilizes Zoom technology.

Sessions are offered on a Sliding Fee Scale:

$20 – minimum/economic hardship

$45 – discount when low on cash

$70 – actual cost of session

$100 – pay extra to help cover sliding fee option for others


“Rae is timely, clear, and concise. She speaks from the heart with genuine knowledge of alternative health options and spiritual practices and how to organize them into life. Her care and compassion is evident and she has a warm, comforting energy.”

~ Sharon O., Barre, VT

“A commitment to caring for ourselves, especially during such extreme change, opens the pathways to heal from our personal trauma — in this life or passed down from our ancestors and/or past lives. As we begin to prioritize our health and open to new perspectives of the world, we contribute to the collective healing of our culture and the nurturing of our planet — the source of the nutrients that sustain our life.” ~ Rae Carter

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DISCLAIMER: Rae is not a licensed health provider and is not a substitute for professional medical care.
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