The essence of collaboration and alignment is facilitation.

The diversity of voices, opinions, perspectives, experiences, backgrounds, convictions, and levels of trauma all influence group dynamics and conversations. Convening heart-centered dialogues, holding space for uncomfortable conversations, and learning from the growth of conflict creates the container for a collective voice to emerge, that honors the knowledge and experience of diverse individuals and stakeholders.

The EmpowR approach to facilitation invites people to show up as their whole selves with a commitment to be present with open hearts. Circle facilitation, honoring the elements of indigenous and First Nation talking circles, invokes dialogues that can offer a safe space and equitable exchange for all participants to participate, be heard, and be seen. Rae creates and holds space for new voices and perspectives to be honored and influence decision-making, while providing a creative process for all participants and organizers to experience synchronicity rooted in connection with the Earth.

Facilitation can be offered in person or in virtual space. EmpowR encourages collaboration with other partners/stakeholders/consultants, including, EmpowR collaborators. Facilitation services include feedback and guidance for the next stage of the process in working together with any other engaged partners. During an initial FREE one-hour conversation with Rae, we will discuss the outcomes you intend to accomplish and the impact you seek to create. From there a proposal will be developed based on your needs and budget.

Central to the EmpowR approach is “empowering” the engagement of staff, partners, and community as integral to both the creative and implementation process; internally and externally.

Rae conceptualized a grassroots marketing initiative designed to increase consumer demand for local food. Using her creativity, tactical guidance, and ability to mobilize networks, the Rooted in Vermont marketing campaign grew out of the Farm to Plate Network and is achieving its goals. Rae’s creativity and ability to facilitate the communication strategy contributed to the impact Rooted in Vermont continues to offer the local food movement.

~ Jane Kolodinsky, Ph.D. Chair, Department of Community Development and Applied Economics, University of Vermont

Invite Rae into your circle to provide facilitation services:

Change Management Facilitation

Enhanced value to traditional culture change facilitation by weaving together the interdependence of communication and audience perception/brand identity with organizational culture and strategic planning.

Coalition Building Facilitation

Support for collective impact and network development frameworks to coalesce around a shared vision or common agenda for systemic change efforts that are shaping the future of our world to one that prioritizes the health of our people and planet.

Collective Voice Facilitation

Convening stakeholders working towards a common vision to identify and generate a collective voice to advocate for the societal, cultural, and systemic changes that will support healing and compassionate transformation for humanity.

Focus Group Facilitation

Caring and confidential facilitation of focus groups and other intimate engagement conversations to honor and respect the relevance of each voice and helping participants understand their role in the larger effort.

Communication Facilitation

Professional development to help encourage alignment with new or existing communications and/or to enliven the collaborative process of creating public engagement and education strategies, content development, and/or storytelling.

Support Group Facilitation

Nurturing energy to create safe space for supportive conversations to help people feel connection, peace, empathy, and solidarity as we navigate the challenges facing our world and individual lives.

I have had the pleasure of working with Rae through the years. Her creativity, professionalism, and warmth have always made these engagements enjoyable and beneficial. She’s an excellent communicator and dedicated collaborator on projects. I recently worked with her as a facilitator for the Vermont Story Lab summit to bring an abstract idea into a concrete concept. The impact created a powerful, emotionally moving and transformative experience for participants.

~ Becky Holt, Committee on Temporary Shelter

“Safe conversations, turning into conflict with open hearts, and holding space for people to show up as their whole selves are all supported by facilitation styles that honor inclusion and solidarity — essential to grow the healing power of relationships and community as we navigate change in how we function as organizations, businesses, and society.” ~ Rae Carter

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