The heart of engagement is communication.

Language and human behavior are changing rapidly and communication challenges are being revealed at accelerated pace as we experience the abrupt shifts of the 2020s. The volume of messages are increasing and the ability to discern truth is diminishing. Perspectives are being altered in real time and how and who people trust changes daily. People are speaking up for injustice and taking action for change while others are learning how to listen.

The EmpowR approach to communication validates the richness of all voices, perspectives, and backgrounds as essential to how messages are developed, shared, and understood. Language matters and the words we use are interdependent with strategy, content, and storytelling, all of which hold responsibility for the impacts they leverage in society. EmpowR encourages the cyclic nature of communication that adapts to constant changer with empathy, compassion, and recognition of the emotional responses that arise depending on how communication is delivered and received.

EmpowR communication services can be woven into different phases of your work wherever you recognize a new approach would be helpful. During an initial FREE one-hour conversation with Rae, we will discuss the outcomes you intend to accomplish and the impact you seek to create. From there a proposal will be developed based on your needs and budget. Rae works with you to integrate communication with transitioning organizational culture, alter narratives to both reflect and reach your audiences, and initiate collaborative content creation.

Central to the EmpowR approach is “empowering” the engagement of staff, partners, and community as integral to both the creative and implementation process; internally and externally.

“Rae has a unique skillset that many others working in collective impact and social change movement spaces would benefit from. She not only has the ability to understand an issue at the systems perspective, but the skill to operationalize processes to effectively manage change and develop and communicate the most impactful messages for intended audiences. Rae developed communication systems, outreach and engagement strategies, and educational content which enhanced and continue to support the Farm to Plate Network’s implementation of Vermont’s food system plan, including her leadership role in creating and launching the Rooted in Vermont local food campaign.”

~ Jake Claro, Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

Invite Rae into your circle to provide communication services:

Strategic Communication Planning

Unification of internal and external communications across structure and leadership. Building alignment between strategic planning, organizational culture, brand identity, and audience engagement creates the pathway for the new era of integrating communication with change management.

Public Education & Engagement Strategy

Collaborative development of education, outreach, and engagement strategies which authentically reflect the diverse audiences represented in the communication. Strategies are holistically prepared to effectively reach diverse audiences to build awareness, influence social change, and inspire action.

Content Development

Professional development and training facilitation to collaboratively design social media, visual, and written content to support strategic communication planning and public education/engagement strategies. Applicable copywriting and editing services also available.


Envisioning guidance to create authentic stories that alter outdated narratives with relevancy to the needs of your audience and the changes taking place in society. Applicable writing, editing, photography, and video services also available. Learn more about storytelling services for individuals with Empowerment Coaching.

Advocacy Voice

Energize and mobilize your advocacy work by inviting Rae as a writer or speaker to bring personal story, experience, and perspective as a voice for heart-centered social change to positively champion your activism efforts. Learn more at the EmpowR Voice Blog.


Professional development trainings and workshops for people, organizations, and communities can be tailored to meet specific intentions and objectives and may cover any EmpowR service area, approach, or perspective. In person and virtual options both apply. Learn more about current EmpowR workshops and events.

“I had the pleasure of working with Rae during the five years she served as the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund’s communications director as well as the work she did with the Flexible Capital Fund, L3C. Rae was instrumental in helping both organizations find their voice and communicate strategically about their work. Rae is passionate about building a more sustainable world and her care for others and for the planet is integral to her work.”

~ Janice St. Onge, Flexible Capital Fund, L3C

“New approaches to communication are presenting themselves in real time as oppressive systems begin to crumble, silos have proven to be ineffective, unlearning and relearning are becoming new norms, and impacts can be vastly different from intentions. We are being called to change our language, how we listen and speak, and to embrace our shared humanity with compassion — as is evidenced in all of the ways we communicate.” ~ Rae Carter

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