Welcome to Summer Sundays at the Forest Magic Healing Sanctuary in Plainfield, Vermont.

Mitch and I seek to deepen relationships and offer the magic of the healing sanctuary grounds, gardens, and forest to our friends and community to help us all tend to our hearts and hold space for healing. 

This is not an event, rather a place to connect with your intuition, Earth energy, and a few other people without the pressure of attending a social gathering. You can be as social or anti-social as you want. We’ve got you. 


Healing Sanctuary Summer Sundays will be held outside from 12-5 pm on most summer Sundays starting with June 7th, 2020. Updates will be posted to Rae’s personal Facebook profile.

The intention is for people to experience the Forest Magic Healing Sanctuary space as is needed for your energy with the opportunity to engage in a supportive activity or conversation, while deepening sacred connection to the Earth and our fellow humans.

We ask you to arrive with an open heart as we hold the space for you to:

  • Receive healing gifts,
  • Build community with Mitch and Rae and people you might encounter,
  • Listen to your heart, each other, and Mother Earth.

There are seven acres of parkland grounds, gardens, and wooded trails in the forest with meditation and reflection spots throughout the property. You are invited to explore as you feel called.

Activities may be offered each Sunday depending on interest, energy levels, weather, and what is transpiring in the world and include guided meditation, a facilitated talking circle, somatic movement, yoga, plant medicine engagement, and bridge building. 


**** All activities will be held outside. There is ample space to respect physical distancing. At 1600 feet in elevation, there is wonderful mountain air flow and masks are optional, depending on your personal comfort level.

**** Children and dogs are welcome who are interested and willing to engage in the intentions and we leave this decision to your own discretion. There is one dog and two cats on the property.

**** This is a SUBSTANCE FREE event. Please leave alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis with THC at home.

**** You are welcome to bring food and non-alcoholic beverages for a picnic.

**** There is a sanitized bathroom separate from the house for use.

**** Please bring a blanket and anything else that will help you feel comfortable in group or solo activities, including a journal or art supplies. We encourage you to make a home base space as you would at a park. Bring bug spray and be mindful of ticks.


Please email your name and how many people will be attending each week to Voice @ RaeCarterEmpowR.com or message Rae on Facebook. Once you RSVP, you will receive a private message with the physical address to the Forest Magic Healing Sanctuary in Plainfield, Vermont.

The Healing Sanctuary will be open from 12 pm – 5 pm on most summer Sundays and you are welcome to arrive and leave as you wish to enjoy the space as you feel called. Specific activity offerings and any cancellations will be announced ahead of time on Rae’s personal Facebook profile

There is no cost to attend. If you are interested in supporting our efforts, we invite you to consider joining the EmpowR Patreon Community.

We look forward to building community with you. ~ Rae and Mitch