Raising the Impact of Our Voices for Change

EmpowR is a social enterprise, founded by Rae Carter, to encourage individual and collective empowerment to heal, speak, advocate, and be in relationship with each other and the Earth to support shared visions for cultural transformation.

Rae’s captivating energy, personal story of healing, and gifts as a storyteller are a hopeful presence with messages relevant to different audiences to engage, motivate, and inspire.

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Rae lives from the heart. She radiates light, weaves words, inspires empowerment, and deepens connectivity between people, communities, and networks. A health crisis served as a catalyst for Rae to reclaim her authenticity as a woman of powerful feminine energy, reimagine the creativity and impact of her voice, and renew her life purpose to nurture humanity and the Earth by co-creating with co-conspirators.

Rae Carter Story

Rae’s ability to clearly articulate complexity and depth, grounded in compassion for people and the planet, offers a dynamic perspective to the transformational themes of our times.

Rae Carter Advocacy Writer

“Rae is a human of high integrity committed to authentic, wholehearted living—with a mission to help others activate their gifts for social change and cellular healing.”

~ Marybeth Redmond, Vermont State Legislator

EmpowR Your Work

All voices, perspectives, and backgrounds are essential to how messages are developed, shared, and understood. EmpowR facilitates inclusive conversations to inform strategy, develop content, communicate stories, engage communities and stakeholders, build coalitions, and compassionately navigate change management.


EmpowR Your Life

The path to healing opens as more people learn to listen within, speak their truth, and advocate for compassion and justice. EmpowR supports people trying to navigate healing paths of personal and collective trauma and offers techniques to encourage connecting with intuition to raise the vibration, resonance, and impact of the voice.


“Rae’s ability to reach deep inside and turn tragedy into a way to help others has been truly inspiring. Her vulnerability is both refreshing and inviting and makes her approachable with your own questions and challenges. I think one of Rae’s greatest gifts is an ability to listen deeply. She feels real empathy and asks questions that make you think without any judgement. Rae’s ability to focus on helping others, a gift she has been given through her experience with cancer, is one she has decided to share with us all.”

~ Mark Johnson, Journalist

Who Is Ready to EmpowR?


Individuals navigating health challenges and healing paths who seek support with cultural changes, pandemic stress and anxiety, illness recovery, and personal transformation to help you claim your power, advocate for your needs, and contribute to a changing society.


Local initiatives working towards creating healthy, equitable, resilient, accepting, and connected communities by holding space, deepening relationships, and cultivating engagement with diverse individuals, perspectives, and backgrounds.


Nonprofit organizations, associations, institutions, and socially responsible businesses working to dismantle oppressive systems and generate social change impact while shifting to more inclusive, accessible, and relationship-based internal cultures.


Culture change movements and coalitions co-creating with heart-centered approaches aligned around shared visions and collective impact to disrupt oppression, injustice, and racism with a new paradigm based in integrity to the Earth and our shared humanity.


Patient wellness and advocacy work that supports individual and collective healing by addressing root causes through integration with holistic and plant-based medicine while improving equity, inclusion, compassion, and transparency in health care.

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